More Umberto!

Sent by the good people at Amhas Cairn:   Setting the scene. 2 of our men go to Maelstrom and down 12 of theirs. Umberto himself is downed who then immediately logs in… Continue reading

maelstrom at it again

Sent by aryawaters:   So three men came in raiding Maelstrom. Pwned the shit out of 8. Kam and a raider were swording one another through the walls. The raiders gave up and… Continue reading

Slave Scribes of Gor

Thanks kortai for the NC 😉   [18:21] Kortai (kortai.dover) scratches his chin and says “I see we have a guest…..” Then he wrinkles his nose and adds, “….and he brought his half… Continue reading

From Ellie Spiritor

This all started because Zane Kanze was harassing me in Ivar’s and I pretty much kept my distance from the man because his rp was overly aggressive and harassing, above and beyond what… Continue reading

Ole Joe Surface

He means business!  I wonder what is going on in Rorus these days to prompt this.  Besides plummeting traffic of course.  Not that traffic matters when there is good RP, but its Rorus! … Continue reading

Spotlight on Sais

I was expecting nothing else from Sais other than noob AVs, flexi hair, fw in princess gowns with sheer veils.They did not disappoint.   I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t mess… Continue reading

Forest Port Fun

Just some fun for us all on behalf of a few specials at Forest Port. Bastine is captured..  [2013/03/19 20:24]  Bastnine: look [2013/03/19 20:24]  Bastnine: I am complying [2013/03/19 20:25]  firstleviathan: np [2013/03/19… Continue reading

Awesome BTB FW!

  From Kalana Fjord Port, a scribe no less.    At least her veil isn’t sheer?

Umberto’s War

Summary of the first round. Kaelus and Ivars won against Hochburg and Maelstrom. One of the Ivars men was in arena, he was bubbled, recovered, downed again then told to sit out.  Yes… Continue reading

Gorean Universities Prego Slave

  notecard passed to me.   BTB Gor Fail – By the Book Gor Chat 3/9/13 Vari Coveria- Me Myia (anabella mosely)- Slave of Gorean Unversity Owner [15:22] myia (anabella.mosely): And here I’ve… Continue reading